Most of the parts available on my website require advanced skill to install on your build. Fabrication or modification of them may be required due to the broad range of applications to which they are suited. Be sure to use appropriate protection when working with tools or chemicals which represent a potential threat to your personal well-being.

PRODUCT DELIVERY - My goal is to ship within one week's time of receipt of payment, however, please allow up to three weeks for delivery.  I will contact you if I foresee a significant lag in order fulfillment.  Delivery times subject to change.  If you encounter problems ordering parts, please feel free to contact me at

B-57F-PM1 1957 Ford Pro Mod Body (shown with optional wing)                                                                                                    The roof has been chopped, body sides replaced between the wheel well openings, front wheel well openings reshaped and decreased in size, rear wheel well openings lengthened but retains original height.  Additionally, the body has been wedged, narrowed and tapered (front narrower than rear).  The front bumper and rear bumpers are narrowed and blended into the body.  A unique chassis pan will also probably be offered.  The hood is integral with thebody.

B-FMT-DR1 Drag Race Body Kit  $55.00
Drag race body kit comes with the following items, minus hood.
2-piece PE grille
PE door handles
PE window sill trim for doors
Grille/headlight door bezel
Taillight bezel
All lenses (headlights, orange parking light strip, red taillights, clear backup lights)
Windshield and rear window glass templates
Cast by Ed Fluck.

Select from hood choices (lower on page).           

B-FMT-DR2 Fairmont Pro Stock Body Kit  $63.00                                                                                                                                This body kit will include all the same peripheral items as shown above in B-DR1-XX, with one significant differenceThis kit is priced to include the pro stock hood and photo etch scoop.  You may request a flat or cowl hood, with a corresponding reduction in price to $60.  Cast by Ed Fluck.

B-DEC-BG1-1 1981 Bob Glidden Fairmont Decals  $12.50
This decal set represents the paint scheme and contingency decals sported on Bob Glidden's 1981 NHRA pro stock Fairmont the year after he want the Pro Stock championship in his similar appearing 1980 Fairmont.  There subtle differences between the 1980 and 1981 cars.  This decal set is designed to fit my B-DR2-PS Fairmont body, which has enlarged rear wheel well openings and dropped front bumper.


B-DEC-BG2-1 1978 Bob Glidden Fairmont Decals 
These decals reflect the appearance of Bob Glidden's Fairmont Futura pro stocker that he raced during the 1978 season.  They are designed to work with my original B-DR1-1 bodyOut of Stock!

B-DEC-BD1-1 1978 Dyno Don Fairmont Decals  $12.50
These decals represent the livery that Dyno Don's '78 Fairmont wore the year after he won the 1977 NHRA Pro Stock Championship with his Mustang II.  Decals by Chuck Naylor.


B-DEC-DD205-1 1979 Dyno Don Fairmont Decals  $12.50
This set of decals represents the paint job on Dyno Don's 1979 Fairmont.  The "205" shown on his entry number indicates that he finished 5th in Division 2 the previous year.  Decals by Chuck Naylor.


B-DSH-1 Fairmont Dash, Racing  $5.00                                                                                                                                                  This dash board is designed to fit the chassis pan/firewall, B-PAN-1.  It incorporates pins in the lower dash to positively locate it on the firewall.  The gauge panel is blank so you can add your own gauge faces.  Cast by Ed Fluck.   


B-HOO-CO-1 Extended Monster Cowl Induction Hood  $5.00

B-HOO-FL-1 Extended Flat Hood Out of Stock!

B-HOO-PS-1 Extended Pro Stock Hood w/Snorkel Scoop  $8.00

B-PAN-1 Chassis Pan for Fairmont/Zephyr Z7 Body  $20.00                                                                                                            This is my new, 3D-designed pan with integral firewall.  It is based off my previous pan, but has had numerous changes to fit my Fairmont/Zephyr.  Revisions to my original pan include the integral firewall, narrower rear frame rails, blind holes for the Lenco towers, accommodation for a through-floor master cylinder and pedal assembly, rear interior frame detail and arched lip on the upperfirewall for hood and windshield support.  This pan will accept my multi-media 4-link kit, 4L-9BP if you wish to add more detail.                   

B-TIN-FMT Fairmont Engine Bay Tin Work  $22.00
This tin work fits the front end of my Fairmont/Zephyr race car body.  The small splash panels may need to be trimmed to fit headers.


B-TIN67CAM  1967 Revell Camaro Engine Bay Tin Work 
This tin work fits Revell's 1967 Camaro.  Tight fit.  May require a bit of filing on outer edges.  Great for that pro street or race car look!


B-TIN-69CAM  1969 Revell Camaro Engine Bay Tin Work  $18.00
This tin work fits Revell's 1969 Camaro.  Tight fit.  May require a bit of filing on outer edges.  Looks great!  Includes Dzus buttons. 


B-VEG-1  1976-77 Vega Pro Stock Body  Out of Stock!                                                                                                                                 This Vega hatchback body is based off an MPC kit and has had numerous alterations made to it.  Rear wheel wells have been lengthened to accommodate 14x32 slicks.  The front and rear bumpers were narrowed, tucked in and blended into the body. Grille vents on the nose were filled to replicate fiberglass front ends of that era.  The taillight frames were reworked so they were symetrical, plus a lot of general body work was done to get rid of a lot of the flaws inherent in the kit body.  It also comes with 3D-mastered taillights and much nicer headlight lenses.  While it isn't finished, I plan to offer a somewhat more contemporary floor pan and firewall combo that will fit this body and accommodate larger slicks while also letting the car set much closer to the ground than Vegas of that era.  Flat and snorkel hoods are available for this body and must be ordered separately.  Cast by Ed Fluck.

B-HOO-VEG-FL Vega Hood, Flat  $5.00


B-HOO_VEG-PS Vega Hood, Pro Stock  $8.00  

B-ZEP-1G Mercury Zephyr Z-7 Grille and Taillights (not shown) 
The lower grille is the visible grille (farthest forward on the car) while the top serves as a spacer.