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351C-PE/Lenco Trans Drag Race Kit

351C-PE/Lenco Trans Drag Race Kit

SKU: E-351C-R-3D-PE

This 351C/Lenco trans combo is 3D-mastered and the most authentically replicated version of this engine in this scale. It contains details that I was able to incorporate, since I have been a 30+ year fan, and owner, of a 351C-powered Fairmont. Virtually every piece of this design was generated with CAD, from the block to high-port exhaust plate and vintage Moroso valve covers. Resin-cast parts include block, heads, exhaust port plates, valve covers, Edelbrock UR-19 tunnel ram, rear sump oil pan, bellhousing, and CS-1 Lenco 4-speed trans. 3D-printed parts will include Holley Dominator carbs, water pump, oil filter, distributor housing, starter, valve cover breathers and damper. This kit comes with PE carb air horn detail and throttle linkage. The Lenco transmission will come with 3D-printed manual linkage tower inserts. If you wish to receive air pods instead of the towers, please contact me and I can send those instead.  In the mockup pictures, above, the engine is shown with the 3D/PE carbs and Lenco trans with levers.  This package does not include levers.  The levers are shown to demonstrate what a more fully completed setup looks like.

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