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Welcome to Futurattraction Scale Products!

Thanks for visiting my new website!  If you are familiar with my old site, you will see lots of changes.  If you scroll down to the gallery beneath the rotating slides, you'll see a variety of categories from which you can select.  My intent is that it will help you focus your search, and make your experience on the site even better.  Otherwise, you can use the Quick search tips link immediately below the search box in the header.  The pdf page that pops up can be printed and saved for reference or planning, if desired.  If at any time you have questions, please contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of each page and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Futurattraction Scale Products was established in 2009 and actively went into business selling authorized resin copies of my Fairmont pro stock body in late 2011.  The successful creation of that pro stock body inspired me to expand my offerings, leading to the development and creation of hundreds of individual and multi-media parts packages.  As my skills, experience and confidence grew, I began offering scale drag race and pro street products that are more contemporary.  Multi-media suspension packages, CNC-machined aluminum wheels, drag race bodies, CAD-generated engine/trans kits, front and rear frame rails, rear ends and transmissions are among my products offered.  Feel free to look through the site and contact me with any questions you may have!

Wix Pics - Frame Set
Wix Pics - Lamb Struts
Wix Pics - Lenco Scales
Wix Strip 125th PE
Wix Pics - 116 Lencos
Wix Strip - 116th Rears

About Futurattraction Scale Products


Futurattraction began with my much modified 1:1 1979 Fairmont Futura Sport Coupe.  My interest in building a scale model of it led to my scratch building a scale model of the basic body.  I was a Ford pro stock fan in the 70s and 80s, so what began as a 1/25th scale stock Futura morphed into a drag race body with lengthened rear wheel wells, narrowed, attached and blended-in bumpers.  Ultimately, my original drag race body was modified to replicate Bob Glidden's 1980-81 Fairmont.  If I was going to have a body, then I needed a chassis and related components (suspension, wheels, tires, etc.).  My continued interest in 70s and 80s drag racing led to the development of a slant nose Vega pro stock/gasser body and my more recent interest in Pro Mod racing resulted in the creation of a '57 Ford Pro Mod body.  These products have led to the further development of more and more creative and diverse products.

Commitment to Principles

As a born-again Christian, I am committed to conducting my business behaviors responsibly and ethically.  I do my best to ship orders in a timely manner; it is not my intent to overcharge on shipping and I maintain a high level of quality control - but I am still imperfect.  As a result, I always do my best to "make things right" if I have mispackaged product, forgotten to send something, or sent an item that in some way fails to live up to your and my expectations.

Quality Control

Among my business goals has always been a desire to design and produce products that accurately depict whatever real-life item they're replicating.  It has also always been my intent to produce "clean" products that require very little, if any, cleanup or prep work.  Resin cast items are typically de-flashed, or at the least have major flash removed.  When packaging rubber tires after production, unless there are extenuating circumstances, I match tires from the same mold and batch of rubber so there won't be discrepancies in dimensions or pigmentation.  With the exception of my aluminum wheel centers, I use only rubber-backed photo etch, due to its relative ease of detachment, as compared to trimming a very small item from the sprue, then having to finish the item where it was removed. 

Creatively Unique

Another of my business visions has always been to create items that are as close to scale as possible, incorporate ease of fitment, strength and material that is as similar in appearance and composition to the real thing as reasonably possible.  For example, a .010" thick resin-cast bracket will not have the strength and rigidity that a .010" thick photo etch bracket has.  Rubber tires should be rubber, not plastic, etc.  There are obviously limitations, but you get my point.  Toward that end, the variety of materials that are employed in many of my product packages reflects the best of all worlds by being able to build attractive, realistic looking assemblies that are strong and easy to put together.  Toward that end, I have come to utilize the following media: stainless tubing, photo etch in aluminum, brass, nickel-silver and stainless steel, 3D-printed components, CNC machined aluminum pieces, polyurethane rubber, polyurethane resin, and cotton weave.  I rely on a number of vendors who specialize in their area of expertise to create ready-to-use products, such as rubber-backed photo etch, CNC products and 3D-printed parts.  I currently do all of my own polyurethane resin and polyurethane rubber tire casting.

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