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FAQs and Resources (Categories: Modeling and Ordering)
Q. How do I remove the rubber backing and blue film from the back side of my photo etch?
A. To avoid bending or damaging thin photo etch parts, it is safest to soak them in acetone for approximately 10-15 minutes.  You can tell when the rubber back comes loose and the blue mask easily comes off the surface or may float away from the part while submerged.

Q. Do you have assembly instructions for racing harness hardware sets?
A. I usually recommend that you do an online search for whichever style of harness hardware you have purchased.  There are literally hundreds of photos of harness installations in 1:1 cars.

Q. How should I prepare my slicks before installing decals?
A. The white powder that I usually use when packaging tires is corn starch.  It makes them slide in the bag much easier!  It will wash off with water.  My tire casting "mentor", Joseph (Fireball Model Works), suggests using mild dish soap (like Dawn dishwashing liquid) and warm water to thoroughly degrease the tires.  After making sure they're completely dry, apply the decals, then spray them with Testor's Dull Coat.

Q. What should I use for racing harness belt material?

A. I have seen two materials used most commonly.  The first is medical tape, which can be cut to whatever width is to scale (1/25th - 2"=.080"; 3"=.120"/ 1/16th - 2"=.125"; 3"=.0313").  The second is ribbon you can find at the craft store.  It comes in a variety of colors.  It isn't as thin and not as easy to work with as medical tape.  1/25th 3" ribbon would be 1/8" wide; 1/16th 3" material would be 3/16" wide.Q. What tires and wheels work together?  Do kit tires work with your wheels?A. Please see the link, below, to see what tires and wheels match up, from what I offer.  Width dimensions will be published soon to help builders determine what kit tires might fit.Tire-Wheel Cross Reference Chart

Q. Do you have assembly instructions, or some type of guidelines for your 4-link suspension kits?
A. I recently added a
4-Link and Rear End Housing Diagram to my Instructions Page.  I hope that helps answer many of your questions, but please always feel free to ask any follow-up questions you may have.

Q. Is there a way I can search your new site that refines my search to what I'm looking for?
A. Here is a handy
cheat sheet
I created that I hope will help bridge the gap between the built-in search engine and how my old site was laid out.  It explains my SKU format with commonly searched-for items on my site, using categories, alpha-numeric prefix, scale and common terms.

Q. I am having trouble removing an item from my shopping cart.  What should I do?  
A. While looking at your shopping cart, if you hover your pointer over the item you're wanting to delete
, an "X" and a quantity selector should appear to the right of the description.  You should then be able to either remove that particular item from the cart, or change the quantity to suit.

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