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Product Development

It seems like I am constantly adding new items to my product list, either individual components, or packages.  Sometimes this is a bi-product of my own creative bent; sometimes it is a natural addition to a given series of products.  And sometimes it is due to requests from builders.  Below, are some of what I'm currently working on.

1/16th Scale BAE Hemi Engine

Brad Anderson Hemi Engine

I have spent considerable time researching this subject matter, and even more time drawing the entire engine, from top to bottom.  When finished, it will be offered in both 1/24th and 1/16th scale.  Initially, my first induction option will be a replica DMPE semi-forged 14-71 blower case with 3-port CF injector hat, hat spacer and inlet adapter.  I plan to offer a Pro-Charger front mounted blower at some point in the future.  No promises when!  While the image you see is representative of this setup, I am waiting on revised (keyed) 3D parts so I can finish both scales of this engine for production.

Ford Probe Chassis Pan (1989-93)

I have been working on this Ford Probe chassis pan for quite some time.  It has been a challenge to find reference material upon which to base its design.  Several iterations of it have been created to get the fitment of the huge wheel tubs to fit the rear glass.  I think I am finally there, or at least as close as I can be to having a finished product.  I also intend to either do the greenhouse in clear resin or possibly a vacuum formed version.  It will accept several of my suspension pieces.

1/25th Scale Probe Pro Stock Chassis Pan
1/16th Scale DMPE Supercharger, Hat & Adapters

DMPE 14-71 Blower / Hat / Adapters

The Union Jack rib design of this DMPE 14-71 case is really cool and is, ultimately, what caught my eye.  Every other supercharger case I recall ever seeing has had vertical stiffening ribs.  I had to do it!  Credit for the drawing/creation of the 3-hole DMPE injector hat goes to Jason Rogers, from New Zealand.  Thanks Jason!

Olds Cutlass Chassis Pan

This pan is being developed to provide an easier path for those builders who want to build Warren Johnson's pro stock racer from the early 80s.  It will naturally lend itself to any other pro stock or pro street car.  It will accept a center frame rail setup (C-CFR-1L) that I offer, as well as a corresponding forward frame rail system (C-FFR-1L+).

1/25th Scale Olds Cutlass Pro Stock Chassis Pan
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