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16x33 Drag Slicks

16x33 Drag Slicks

SKU: RU-1633-2

Tire-Wheel Cross Reference Chart

These slicks replicate some of the larger drag slicks used in drag racing today and fit several of the Revell-Monogram Pro Stock and Top Fuel/Funny Car wheels. Tire OD is ~1.375". Sidewall width is ~.840". Tread width is ~.670". The ID (~.620") of these tires has been reduced to be a snug fit on 1/24th scale wheels. These tires were improved through 3D design. The sidewalls were redesigned to offer a bit more realism in their profile.  With my resin wheels, it is recommended that the builder consider gluing the wheel halves together, then fitting the tires over the wheels, since there is considerable stretch in the tires. These slicks will also work with 1/25th scale diameter wheels, but will be somewhat smaller in outside diameter.

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