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4-Link Kit for RTF and FRK-1F Frames

4-Link Kit for RTF and FRK-1F Frames


Contemporary 4-link multi-media kit fits narrowed OEM-style 9-inch Ford housing. Kit includes chassis and rear end housing brackets, etched out of .010" nickel-silver plate, four .050" OD stainless steel tubes, to ~.750" length and eight formed-wire rod ends. Designed to fit RTF (round tube frame) and FRK (mandrel bent frame rail kits). I am now including formed-wire rod ends that will need to be trimmed on the end opposite the eye. Recommended fastener hardware is RB Motion #1252 nut and bolt pin.  Effective 12/20/23, 3D spacers will be included for the housing brackets, since spacers are incorporated into the chassis pan, or frame kits, for which this kit is intended.

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