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9-Inch Ford Rear End/Brake Kit, Narrowed

9-Inch Ford Rear End/Brake Kit, Narrowed


One piece OEM-style 9-inch Ford rear with back brace, center section, 3D-printed calipers and hats, plus PE caliper mounts, axle housing ends (one spare) and slotted rotors. The 3D-designed housing includes one-piece all-resin casting with .125" OD axle tubes. The caliper brackets and housing ends have been redesigned to fit the larger axle housing and allow the builder to have more flexibility in adjusting the width of the brakes to fit a variety of wheel widths and tire sizes. The corresponding 4-link set for this rear end is S-4L9B-1.  Caliper bending instructions can be found on the Instructions page.

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