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A-Arm Wishbone Kit

A-Arm Wishbone Kit

This kit includes one pair of wishbones etched from .010" nickel-silver. It will fit inside 1/16th K&S tubing or stainless steel tubing with an ID of .033". Two separate thicknesses of washers are included - two .010" and four .015" spacers. It also comes with a 3-inch length of .042" stainless tubing for lower control arm construction.� The spacers have flats etched into two edges to match with the angles of the wishbones. If used with .042" OD tubing, you can sandwich the wishbone with one .015" washer on either side to build it out .042". If using 1/16th inch K&S tubing, you can add a .010" and .015" washer on both sides of the wishbone to increase its thickness to match the 1/16th OD.
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