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AR Boss 429 Engine/Lenco Trans

AR Boss 429 Engine/Lenco Trans

SKU: E-AR429-R-3D

This Boss 429 authentically replicates commonly used 1980s-90s Boss 429 cylinder head/valve cover combos.  Included is everything needed to build a well detailed, carbureted engine, from carbs to pan and water pump to Lenco transmission.  It is a great replacement for the engine in Revell’s ’55 Jukebox Ford.  As I am planning to offer a first generation Pro Stock Ford Probe kit, this engine was developed specifically for that setup; OR if a big Ford powerplant is desired for your future ’57 Ford Pro Mod build, this may be the perfect starting point!  There are several oil pans to choose from, depending on your intended chassis/configuration.  There are also two water pump configurations, plus multiple distributor cap/wire combos from which to choose.

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