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Coil-Over Shock Kit

Coil-Over Shock Kit

SKU: S-COS-540-1
This coil-over shock kit consists of 18 pieces, 9 per side and is of all-metal construction.  They start with CNC machined lower bodies with integral mounting eyes and upper spring retainers, aluminum upper bodies with brass insert to center the body on the included stainless .033" diameter piston rod, .125" ODx.375" L custom ground (flat ends) springs and brass rivets to mount and/or help in assembly of the completed shocks. The new retainers incorporate a machined spring centering pad and stepped hole.  The upper hole is .020" in diameter and matches the brass pin; the lower hole is .033" and allows for the stainless tube to locate within the retainer bottom.  This allows the builder to use the included rivet(s) to attach/retain the upper mounting point as a stud mount (pin through the floor, frame rail or cross member).  Please see the following coil-over assembly diagram.
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