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Fairmont Drag Race Body

Fairmont Drag Race Body


This is the original drag race body that was developed from scratch.  Based off my full size Fairmont.  It includes narrowed, blended in integral bumpers, choice of extended hoods, all lenses cast in clear, red or amber. Added details include 2-piece PE grille, PE door handles, PE window sill trim, resin grille-headlight and front and rear window glass templates. Pro stock hood and scoop are shown in photo but are not included with the body. Please order hood separately (three choices). Cast by Ed Fluck.

  • Additional information

    1/25th scale.  Related components: B-SDASH-1, B-PAN-1, B-TIN-FMT, C-FFR-1MX, E-351C-R-3D-PE, S-COS-540-1, S-SFE-(many to choose from), plus many more.

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