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Forward Frame Rail +, Mid-Size

Forward Frame Rail +, Mid-Size


This forward frame rail is 3D printed and is intended for use with my 1/25th scale S-SFE series of strut front ends.  Frame rail and upper tube dimension is .080" Outer dimension of frame rails is ~.880. Center-to-center dimension of top strut mount "eyes" is ~1.50". Overall main rail length is ~.2.44".  It is printed using the SLA process. Material is Accura® Xtreme™ 200 White. It incorporates upper strut mount eyes and lower A-arm mounting brackets. I would recommend the use of the C-SGU-1 Strut Gusset Kit to strengthen the upper mount.  Also included are matched steering rack, 3" length of stainless .022" OD tubing, simulated photo etch tie rod ends, pre-cut tubing for lower control arms, photo etch wishbones to join the control arms, and rubber boots to finish the rack. Fasteners are not included.

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