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Rear Ladder Bar Set

Rear Ladder Bar Set

Ladder bars were a popular means of improving traction on early pro stock cars, as well as more modern bracket and class cars. This ladder bar set is chock full of details and comes ready for assembly. It includes all hardware, including pre-cut formed-wire rod ends, RBMotion nut and bolt pins, and PE washers. The ladder bars are 3D-printed FUD, with holes already located at all three points where rod ends are installed. It also includes the now-mandated safety loops that surround the front rod end. Comes with brackets to attach to my rear ends, or anything that has a .125" OD axle housing diameter. They come with an additional nut/pin and washer for each side to mount a coil-over shock on the rear side of the rear end housing bracket. Assembly and some fabrication required.  Effective 3/23/20, two sets of front sandwich mounts will be included that fit a .063" or .080" diameter cross member tube.  The mounts will include four different mounting points.  I hope to post a new picture soon.
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