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Round Tube Frame, .800" Wide

Round Tube Frame, .800" Wide

SKU: C-RTF-800

This round tube frame rail set is .800" wide and is intended for use in small, intermediate body styles. The main rails are .080" in diameter with .063" round cross members and are 3D-printed, using the SLA process.  Material is Acura Xtreme White 200. It is much more resilient than the previous material. Approximately 2.7" long. The supplier says this material requires no extensive prep for finishing. I would recommend that you give it a bath in a solution of dish soap and warm water. You may wish to prime/sand it to smooth its surface. This chassis is designed to use a custom photo etch 4-link set that was developed for this specific application. The 4-link set is S-4LFK-1 and is available separately.

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