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Strange Engineering Ultra Rear End, Black Resin

Strange Engineering Ultra Rear End, Black Resin

This all-in-one rear end kit includes all the parts and pieces to build a 1/25th scale replica of Strange's modular rear end, which is very popular in Pro Stock and Pro Mo.  The package consists of a total of 45 pieces, including: resin - center housing and axle bells (cast in black), center section, calipers; 3D - hubs, stabilizer tray, housing bracket spacers, wishbone; PE - housing and chassis brackets, caliper brackets, anti-roll arms, slotted rotors, axle housing ends; SS - 4-link tubes; steel - formed wire rod ends.  Sample shown molded in black resin.    Formed-wire rod ends will need to be trimmed on the end opposite the eye.  Recommended fastener hardware is RB Motion #1252 nut and bolt pin.
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